European City of the Trees TALLINN 2015
European City of the Trees                                 TALLINN 2015

2007, on the European tree conference in Valencia, EAC
decided emphasizing a citys outstanding commitment in inner urban arboriculture.
Naming European capital of trees had changed to European city of the trees
after one year.


Handover ceremony takes place in the course of EACs
annual general meeting used to hold in the awardee city. The awarded city
profits from EAC network and draws attention to the value of treescape.


more advantages for the recipients


  • Prestige and marketing. Raising the profile of the
    city and the relevant departments.


  • Promote pan European awareness of the city and
    facilitates closer cultural ties with other awarded cities.


  • Participate in the selection of future award holders.


  • Facilitate access to EAC´s network and experience.


  • Improve the understanding and awareness of trees and
    their benefits in urban areas.


  • Promote awareness of the tree heritage with its
    ecological/ cultural value.


  • Help raise
    levels of arboriculture


  • Facilitate access to outside funding.


  • Economic enhancement through tourism, investment and

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